MOTIONMETER - 7619 - .

  • Display op achterzijde
  • Draagbaar, LICHT en compact
  • Opname tot 1000 beelden per seconde
  • Veel aansluit en aansturingsmogelijkheden
  • Digitaal converter optioneel
  • High speed opnamen, Slow motion afspelen
  • Complete set waarmee u direkt kunt starten


 The MotionMeter is the most affordable high-speed imaging system available. One of the most user-friendly systems on the market, this portable "personal slow-motion camera" can be operated much like a traditional hand-held camera. Depending upon the Model, the MotionMeter is capable of capturing up to 1000 frames per second of full motion video. Although it is loaded with premium features such as electronic shuttering (up to 1/20,000th sec), adjustable triggering, multiple camera synchronization, and a built in LCD display. MotionMeter is loaded with functionality including a rich set of options for recording, playing back, and downloading video. Redlake has made it easy for even occasional users to take full advantage of these features through the MotionMeter's simple 8 button keypad and intuitive on screen menus.

Key events are often completely missed when a standard 30 frame per second video camera is used to analyze rapid processes . At speeds of up to 1000 frames per second, the MotionMeter is the ideal tool for capturing full motion footage of phenomena too fast for standard video. Whether you need a camera that captures 60 fps or 1000 fps, there is a MotionMeter system to fit your application. When troubleshooting mission critical manufacturing equipment or analyzing an intricate phenomenon, every image counts. One blurred image can mean the difference between useful information and an expensive waste of time. All MotionMeter systems are equipped with a high speed electronic shutter that operates at up to 20 times the recording rate insuring that every frame of full motion video is sharp and clear. Depending upon the model this shutter speed ranges from 1/60th of a second to 1/20,000th of a second.

Often high speed video must be saved for in-depth analysis or record keeping. To meet this need, the MotionMeter also has NTSC and PAL outputs for downloading high speed video to a computer through use of a frame grabber or video capture card or videorecorder.

Recording Rates: 1 fps. to 1000 fps. connection out/in: NTSC of PAL, Event Marker In / Phase Lock In, Strobe Out / Phase Lock Out,Trigger In