• Licentie vrij
  • 8 kanalen
  • DCS selective call voor zuivere ontvangst en verzenden
  • tot 5 km bereik
  • Scan functie
  • Ex toegestaan voor stofomgeving (zone 22)
  • Squelch toets 9 niveau instellingen
  • Battery save functie
  • IP54 bescherming



Ex-PMR 1000 - Intrinsically-Safe Two-Way Radio
Safe and reliable communication is an important aspect in Ex-hazardous areas. Stringent requirements have to be satisfied by all radio transceivers used, to ensure a safe communication, even over long distances.

The ecom Ex-PMR 1000 portable radio transceiver was developed specifically for this purpose. Featuring ATEX certification the device complies with the very latest standards and can be used in Zones 1 and 2, or 22.

The frequency band ranging from 446.000 MHz to 446.100 MHz was opened for public use by the ERC with the publication of its decision ERC/DEC/(98) 25, 26, 27 dated 1 December 1998. All handheld devices with fixed antenna which operate in this frequency range conform to the ETS 300296 licensing standard and are allowed to be used license- and chargefree in many European countries. The Ex-PMR 1000 fulfils the rigid specifications of IP54 and therefore meets the high demand for industrial ruggedness and reliability especially for applications in Ex-hazardous areas.

The maximum transmission power is limited to 500 mW ERP, giving a range of up to 5 km. The CTCSS and DCS pilot tone systems are configured for selective analogue and digital coding. A variety of pilot tones enables users to communicate within groups.

All functions of the radio unit can be easily preconfigured via PC using the optional software kit.

Frequency range: 446,00625 – 446,09375 MHz
Sensitivity: approx. 0,25 µV at 12 dB  SINAD
Channel spacing: 12,5 KHz
Max. transmission power: 500mW ERP
IP protection: IP54
Battery pack: Ex-AM PMR 1000, 1700mAh Li-Ion
Ambient temperature: -20°C ... +50°C
Operating time: approx. 12h (90% Standby, 5% TX, 5% RX)
Weight: approx. 430g

Type-examination certificate
ZELM 05 ATEX 0271

II 2 G EEx ib IIC T4
II 3 D T130°C IP54